Flockterkit 9-26-2007

Played on Wednesday night at 21 Grand again – this time with my group Flockterkit. This group, which started in Chicago with Fred Lonberg-holm, Ernst Karel, Jason Roebke and Frank Rosaly / Steve Hess is based on compositions that blend in electronic manipulation of the instruments. The music I wrote last winter for Peltep has some similarities so I put together a group out here to perform all of that music together. Andy Strain (tombone), Steini Gunnarson (guitar), Anantha Krishnan(percussion), Kurt Kottheimer (bass), and Jordan Glenn (drums). Jordan and Steini played this music as well in NYC when we played at the Stone with Matt Bauder.
I was a little concerned about getting the music together in the week plus a couple days I had after getting back from the Citizens tour, so I planned the music to be played without the electronic parts. I think the music works with or without – though when the electronics are in use it adds quite alot. We added some improvisation sections and I think the group played the music really well. Hopefully some recording will happen soon. Matt Ingalls and Corey Fogel played first that night – a very good duo – played well together and took advantage of 21 Grand’s acoustics to pull off some very quiet sections that wouldn’t work as well in a dry room.