Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Fast Citizens

Fast Citizens Gather Cover
Fast Citizens: Gather

Formed in 2002, The Fast Citizens are the Chicago-based sextet of Aram Shelton, Keefe Jackson, Josh Berman, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Anton Hatwich and Frank Rosaly. With a rotating leadership, they have made three records, each featuring a different member. Continuing the exploratory tradition of their first two albums – Jackson’s Ready Everyday (Delmark 571) and Shelton’s Two Cities (Delmark 590) – Gather augments their jazz, experimental and free improvised vocabulary with an ever expanding set of references ranging from the popular to the esoteric.

“Fast Citizens continues to forge its own direction, reaching beyond formulaic conventions to embrace new forms.” -All About Jazz

“a unique entry in the labyrinthine Lonberg-Holm discography and a departure from the band’s earlier efforts.” –Dusted

“Fred’s arrangements are filled with surprises since we never know how any piece will evolve yet they still make sense overall. Aside from a handful of solos, duos and trios, Mr. Lonberg-Holm has few discs out as a leader. It seems as if he has been saving some of his best writing for this disc, a rarity and a gem.” – Downtown Music Gallery.

Released by Delmark in 2012. CD in jewel case. Price below includes shipping to the US.