Henry Kaiser: The Celestial Squid

Henry Kaiser, the Celestial Squid
Henry Kaiser, the Celestial Squid

This record came out of an intense full day recording session at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley California.  The first track features a solo by Aram Shelton that directs the ten piece band into a new course to the outer limits.

With throbbing electric basslines and lockstep polyrhythms underpinning skronky guitars and caterwauling reeds, the ensuing thicket subtly recalls the Downtown sound of Bill Laswell’s 1980’s productions. – All About Jazz

“On April 12, 2014, Henry Kaiser and Ray Russell – along with drummers Weasel Walter and William Winant, bassists Michael Manring (electric) and Damon Smith (acoustic), and saxophonists Steve Adams, Joshua Allen, Phillip Greenlief, and Aram Shelton – entered Berkeley, California’s Fantasy Studios for a day-long session that resulted in The Celestial Squid, a nearly eighty-minute embryonic journey through the deepest waters and most cosmic heights of improvised music. Except for melodic heads and compositional structures, everything on The Celestial Squid is improvised, down to some astonishing extemporaneous horn arrangements. While The Celestial Squid echoes the raw energy and youthful bravado of Russell’s earliest achievements, this music synergizes the combined power and imagination of all ten of these musical masters into a force to be reckoned with.” – via Cunieform Records.

Released by Cuneiform Records. CD in jewel case. 2015.