Improv Lotto at Mills 11-28-2005

So i was in the contemporary performance ensemble at Mills this semester – it was split between playing some written music (by Terry Riley) and working on improvising in a variety of groups – alot of the time we’d have nice sessions where there’d be randomly picked groups to improvise with each other – some of the time the improvising was really good, sometimes not so good. for the concert we did the same thing – Fred Frith, who is the guide of the larger group, picked the number of players (from 1 to 4) and then names were drawn out of a physical hat (not a figurative one). I was picked to play with Fred, and we did a little duo with him on guitar & me on bass clarinet. It was a nice little piece, we kind of moved around a bit musically, from out of time to in time & back. Afterwards a group of us headed over to the Alley in Oakland – sang a couple of songs at the piano with ol’ Ron Dibble.