shelton ajemian tanaka rodan 11-25-2004

thanksgiving 2004 – we got a little snow here in chicago the day before, so it was a nice wintry start to the holiday season. i’d rather it snow than rain when it’s 32 degrees outside….

i had a good dinner at johnathan, giselle and brandy’s place on milwaukee avenue – had my fair share of food and wine, hung out for a bit and then headed up the street to rodan to play with jason ajemian and nori tanaka. we hadn’t played as a trio before, so it was a good time to do some playing. we played two sets that had no breaks in between the songs – which is a challenge – if you feel like the music is headed somewhere you don’t want to go, you can’t just simply stop and start anew. you have to figure a way to slowly change the music and move it into a new direction. we went from repetitive drone-type musings to section swith nori and jason clearly defined as the rhythm section and me blowing over the top. i enjoy playing solos over a rhythm section, but always feel that i want to be truly part of the group. finding a way to make what i do both soloistic and ensemble orientated at the same time is always a challenge – sometimes with more success than other times. obviously.. we played late and finished the night – it was good to play with those guys.