shelton, boykin, ajemian, reed empty bottle 3-29-2005

tonight was a good one – played a set at the bottle with david boykin on soprano saxophone, jason ajemian on bass and mike reed on drums. i’d never really played with david before, the only time that we did was in a much larger group where there wasn’t much interaction between individuals. i really liked how we played together along with jason and mike. there aren’t too many saxophone players that i feel good playing with after the fact – it’s a very difficult thing to find someone else’s style that works with your own, also, a combination that can work off of each other without mimicking while staying away from any kind of “cutting contest”. we played a set with two improvisations – one longer, one very short. we had a a good amount of group think and i felt we really made some interesting music. the short improvisation was purely group orientated, with no solos – one of the best improvising i’ve had with other people in a while.
afterwards the wilhelm breuker kolleltief played – i wasn’t so into it. i talked to tony buck for awhile about life in & out of australia – he’s a nice fellow & knows how to throw a boomerang.
after the bottle went by sonoteque with mike reed – josh abrams & jeff parker were playing records, but we made it as things had already wound down –