Weasel Walter Quartet 10/7/2006

A sunny day in California. A perfect day to drive to a field somewhere near Davis (about an hour away from Oakland) to play a short set of fast & loud at a day long festival. I’ve been getting to know Weasel Walter better since moving out here last year. He asked me to play in his quartet with Damon Smith and Randy Hunt a little ways back. We’ve played together before in some other groups, but today was the loud & fast day – after making the drive with Jen & Maria, we found ourselves at a Roadhouse near Davis, in a field with the Numbers playing a set on a small stage. We played on the smaller stage – well on the grass. But that was kind of good cause everyone there circled up around us & it felt more up close & personal. I think our set was about a half hour – and we recorded it. Kind of a strange place to have a little day long fest, but worth the trip.